I Create In Other Realms

In 2010, I began blogging for a music site about independent and upcoming artists, to shed light on the amazing art they were creating. While attending music festivals and other industry events, I was able to build relationships and grew my clientele for graphic work. Then in 2012, I decided to relaunch my personal blog, and mindbonics was born.

With my interview series, MindGames with MindBonics,
I’ve had the opportunity to interview many upcoming musicians across the country.

To create exclusive content, I rallied a couple of my peers to produce pictorial interviews for the site.

At times I like to capture musicians in their element.

I’ve also created cover art for various albums, flyers, and promotional events.

mindbonics since emerged as a significant platform for underground creatives nationwide.
Today, various media channels and artists have taken notice of my work and requests to be featured on mindbonics have skyrocketed. Which also lead to a few outlets reaching out to me for interviews.